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In our Shoe Buying Guide, we explain the principles behind how cycling shoes are sized.  In this Criterium Cycles shoe sizing guide we have set out the sizing charts for the premium brands of cycling shoes we sell.


SiDi hand builds its shoes from 3 ‘lasts’ or moulds – Standard Men’s , Women’s and Mega (wide fit). Traditionally, the shape of SiDi shoes provide feet with a ‘snug’ toe area. SiDi call this Pro Fit which means the toe will be close to the end of the shoe and the shoe itself will be snug fitting around the whole foot. The focus of the SiDi shoe design is therefore to provide riders with shoes that do not move once they are on your foot.

For people with wider feet and / or higher arches, SiDi has designed the Mega size for every standard shoe size. The SiDi Mega size provides about 0.5 cms extra width along the axis where the foot is at its broadest.

As a rule, however, because the shoes are snug fitting from heel to toe, we tend to find going up an EU size from what you would normally wear makes sense.



Shimano Shoe Sizing Chart

Bontrager Logo

We tend to find that Bontrager cycling shoes follow EU sizing pretty accurately and with reasonably generous fit parameters. However, you also have the benefit of the Bontrager 30-day Unconditional Guarantee. This means that if you buy them but don’t love them you can send them back, guaranteed, although they need to come back in exactly the same condition that we sent them to you.

Bontrager Shoe Sizing Guide

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