Helmet Sizing Guide

Helmet Sizing Guide

In our Criterium Cycles Helmet Buying Guide, we explain the reasons why a good, well fitting helmet is so important for both safety and comfort. If the most important priority is to have a helmet in the first place, the next most important thing is to have one that fits properly. This is really important for your safety. If the helmet is moving about on your head it is not protecting you as it should. It will also prove a real distraction, itself a safety concern. This is why we have written this Criterium Cycles helmet sizing guide.

To measure your head correctly, you will need a measuring tape (and possibly a friend or colleague to help!). Measure the circumference of your head by measuring horizontally around your forehead, roughly 1 inch (2.5cm) above your eyebrows. Make sure you keep the tape measure both level and a close fit. Make sure also you stay above your ears which helps keep the tape measure level. We often find that taken three measurements and then the average of the 3 helps remove any measuring error in one.

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